Technology Leadership

We lead the path for innovative technologies.

BConsulting is a "hands-on", results-driven, business generation firm. We lead the path for innovative technologies.

Our vision is to be the sources to a world of prosperity, success, wealth, peace of mind and joy by enabling the access to innovative technologies.

​we expertise in the domains of telecommunications and IT solutions and services. Based on our expertise, experience, know-how, proven methodologies, contacts and constant presence in "the field", we ​provide our corporate clients a broad up-to-date  knowledge and information, fill or complete their business development ​needs or gap in capabilities, and enable the creation of  business opportunities, that would not have occurred in any other way!  ​Our full service approach is expressed by full involvement in the business development process - from identifying the needs, through searching and scouting for potential solutions, technological, financial and marketing assessments and evaluations, and commercial negotiations until the establishment of business relations and post agreement relations management.





Roy Barzilay

Managing Director and Much-Maker 

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Roy has over 20 years of ICT industry experience as an entrepreneur, executive manager at global service &technology vendors and as an industry consultant.

​With a wide business and financial background, Roy has been at the helm of BConsulting (Israel) since early 2008.

​Roy has developed and executed portfolio management and partnership management methodologies for leading VAS vendors.

Besides his experience and know-how, Roy brings a deep understanding of the current and future market trends, business and financial background and a comprehensive view of  current resources, demands and business models.

Leading engagement processes for tens of leading global players on  the one hand and more than 130 vendors on the other, BConsulting provides an objective market view, and shortcuts the process of technology screening, and partnership engagement.

Kobi Abramovitch

Managing Partner and Dream-maker

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Author, Entrepreneur, C-level Mentor & life strategist. Founder of The HIVEMINDS and it's SWARMS Community.

Kobi (Lt. Colonel) served as senior comander at the central IT unit of  the Israeli Deefance Forces (IDF) - .

Experienced Master Trainer with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Team Building, and Public Speaking. Strong Leadership devlopment professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Philosophy from Tel Aviv University.


BConsulting Serves 3 major business segments:


  • Leading Telecommunications, Financial and Security Service Providers

  • System Integrators and Technological Service Providers

  • Leading Technology Vendors 

What our customers say:

​“Although we have sales offices in our target market geographies, BConsulting, through its networks and reliability,has succeeded in creating business opportunities for us,that we wouldn't have succeeded in having otherwise ”​

​​​Head of EMEA sales, Global VAS Vendor

​“We have been working with BConsulting for the past 3 years. BConsulting is an experienced team, not only understand our needs, but enriching us with information and market insights, derived from their broad worldwide activities.

Working with BConsulting, provides us with best results, and approach to proven solutions, we wouldn't be able to obtain at a reasonable budget”

​​Head of business development and emerging markets, Global Tier-1 Operator



Our branches around the world



BConsulting services focus on telecommunications and IT based technologies, solutions, services and products. The technological development, advanced ommunication, convergence of technologies and devices and the change inn ​consumers behavior, creates business opportunities for service providers in multiple domains, such as: 


Banking solutions

Information Technology

Network and device security

Retail Solutions, Mobile Finance and Mobile Commerce

Enterprise Solutions

Public Safety and Security

Remote Medicine

Remote Education

New Media and Content