BConsulting experts are continuously meeting with both Israeli technology companies and global corporates looking for the latest innovations. It positions the company in a perfect spot to find the right solution to the right corporate.

Acting as our client’s scouting arm, we fill the gap between the required professional  resources and the existing ones.

Our working methodology is based on a wide understanding of our client’s business environment, its competitive landscape and market positioning, regulatory considerations and strategy.

Our knowledge of the local market allow us to follow dynamic “wish-lists”, filter the opportunities and present our clients with the most relevant, proven solutions. This process shortens time to market and reduce the cost of scouting, evaluating and contracting.

By constantly searching and evaluating new solutions, we provide a complete updated picture of the existing and developing technologies and uncover solutions that generate business growth and a quick ROI.

BConsulting offers a ‘must have’ service that provides the most effective results, at the highest standards with  a limited and controllable financial ‘risk’.